The LONDON MISCELLANY A Magazine for Literature and Art First published in 1825
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The London Miscellany was first founded in 1825 as an irreverent alternative to the established literary magazines of the day. Throughout its various publishing guises, it has maintained that initial character of the witty bystander, who comments with dry humour on the doings of his fellows. The magazine was refounded in 1990 by Christopher Arkell, who has published it ever since. Now well into its third decade under his guidance, the magazine looks ever further afield for the poetry, short stories, reviews and commentaries on current affairs which have made literary magazines published in Britain the admiration of the world. With Papia Ghoshal as the International Editor, the range of the magazine has broadened even further and draws in contributors from India, the USA, the Czech Republic (where Ms. Ghoshal has established a branch office) and Russia.
Contributors to the magazine have included: Peter Porter, Ann Stevenson, David Benn, Adam Johnson, Gulzar, Mani Shankar Aiyer, Irina Ratushinskaya, Boris Akunin, Viktor Pelevin, and Arnost Lustig.
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Methods of Madness, Ashoke Viswanathan. “I've always wanted to ask questions about the Japanese, because they are the only people I'm qualified to describe... More...
R Berkeley

NICOSIA, OCTOBER 2013 This city's losing old memories: Sniper Alley Aims for the colonist's wallet, not his heart And where the border rusts, cars sag apart, Forgotten from More...
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